Thanks to everyone who submitted poems for our Cosmic Poetry contest. We hope to choose the poems for our 2nd Cosmic Poetry book by the end of June.  Meanwhile, congratulations to our Cosmic Poetry Contest Winners:

Paul Telles, First-Place Poem: “Stan Sees His Possibilities”

Meg Petersen, Second-Place Poem: “When She Fell to Earth”

Yvette Viets Flaten, Third-Place Poem: “Night Passage”

Carol Kanter, Fourth-Place Poem: “Absence, On the Magkudigkudi Salt Pans
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GENERAL SUBMISSIONS: Chapbook length (20 - 30 pages of poems) manuscripts may be submitted between October 1st and December 1st for possible publication, but please query us first (include two prospective poems) via the "Contact" page.  Please provide your mailing address information with your submission. Submissions (only from poets living in the U.S.) will be considered by our Board of Directors. If accepted for publication, we reserve the right to edit your manuscript before assuming the cost of publication. A note about timing: we do not anticipate being able to publish any additional chapbooks, other than those already in progress, until at least April, 2022.
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See below for general contest info.
NOTE: Most of our contests are open only to residents of the U.S.A. with a valid U.S. mailing address, but unless stated otherwise, entry is by email. 
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For all contests, please include your mailing address, email address, and any other helpful contact info, and if you are new to our contests let us know how you heard about the contest(s). Thanks!
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