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Peterborough Poetry Project was created by Bill Chatfield in January 2019 to support the writing, reading, and thinking of poetry. We have a six-person Board of Directors* who also function in consensus as editors for our submissions and judges for our contests. Our aim is to promote poetry in Peterborough and beyond. In 2020, we held eight poetry contests. We have now published five books of poetry: two anthologies and three individual collections of poems. See our "Books" page for more info. 
*Board of Directors (also editors and judges as applicable):
 Bill Chatfield, founding director and published poet with poems published in 6 different   anthologies and one book of his poems. He is finalizing his second book.
 Yvonne Gifford, former technical writer at USPS Headquarters.
 Leslie Orsini, former high school English teacher and journalist.
 Michael Strand 
graduated with a B.A. in English and history from the University of Florida   with a poetry focus, and completed graduate coursework in Caribbean and trans-Atlantic   literature at the University of North Florida. His poetry has been published in The Invisible   Bear, and he is a Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge award winner. He is working on his first   book of poems.
 Rachel Sturges, former NH youth poet laureate, 2019-2020 and published poet, is   working on her second book of poems.
 Veronika Sokol, NH youth poet laureate ambassador, is working on her first book of   poems.
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As of February, 2021, we have started our 9th poetry contest, and we charge no submission fees.  The main reason we can do this is by selling our published books. We are set up to be not-for-profit, so our income goes right back into contest prizes (including the cost of contributor’s copies for poets included in our anthologies) and publication of more books.  For the latest “contest,” we have no submission fee for one poem from each poet. But those who read (usually accomplished by buying it or borrowing it from a friend) our latest book “We Are Stardust,” on which the contest is based will find a second opportunity to submit a poem on page 49. See our “Books” page for more info, including reviews, a sample poem, and how to order. See “Contests” page for all the submission info.

For our next projects, see our "Contests" page.
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Have fun writing poems while sharing observations and insights with other people; save your poems to ponder later. We sponsor public events such as poetry readings, discussion groups, and poetry contests, and by publishing poetry books. 

Thinking poetically may mean:

  • making a mental snapshot of a moment in time
  • realizing a connection that you feel with other people – now, in the past, or in the future

We’re open to suggestions about future events.

  • Participate in our events. Sign up for our biweekly emails on our "Contact" page.
  • Tell others; point them to our website.

  • Write poems when they come to you, before they evaporate.

  • For specific suggestions for the next poetry contest, poetry anthology, or the next project, contact us by email through the "Contact" page on this website. 

  • Financial: We welcome your support, although contributions are not tax-deductible. Small donations always welcome. Make checks payable to "Peterborough Poetry Project," and mail to Peterborough Poetry Project, PO Box 247, Peterborough NH 03458.

Contributing Sponsors:
The Toadstool Bookshops
eene, Milford, & Peterborough, NH 

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