Please read all the info below before you submit your poem. Concurrent with the publication of our new book: “We Are Stardust: the universe in verse” (see “Books” page) under our Cosmic Poetry imprint, we will be accepting one previously unpublished poem about the cosmos (in English) per poet from anyone living in the United States. See exception to submitters below* and also see HINTS below. Poems will be judged/considered for inclusion in a second edition of the book:
- Maximum poem length: 44 lines
- Submission deadline: May 13, 2021 (check back to see if deadline has been extended)
- Email your previously unpublished poem in the body of the email or in a word document attachment only (not a
google doc)  to
- Include your name and mailing address, even if you’ve submitted before.
- PRIZES: Poets with poems chosen as the best three will receive cash prizes (top prize $75). See directly below for info about contributor's copies. 
- * Poets in the U.S. whose poems are accepted for publication  will receive a free copy of the printed book. This contest also is open to poets outside the U.S. with this understanding: poems must be in English and we will communicate only by email. Contributor’s copies will only be issued in digital format if the poet provides a valid email address.

  • Don’t rush your poems. We are hoping to have a better 2nd edition than the first edition (“We Are Stardust,”) that we think is pretty good. We are not looking for scholarly treatises. We encourage poems that are light yet informative. Prompts and ideas are listed below.
  • Readers of the first edition book have an opportunity to submit a second poem, but only according to the guidelines on page 49. You don’t have to buy the book if you are in SW NH. Find it at a Toadstool Bookshop, flip through it; buy it if you like it. Also, “We Are Stardust” will be in many libraries across NH in a few weeks.  You can always buy the book from us, too. See the “Books” page.
  • Read the reviews and a sample poem from "We Are Stardust" on our "Books" page. 

JUDGES: The board of directors will be joined by Jean Pierre Luminet, French astrophysicist and poet, and Wayne Allen Jones, President of Chicago Poets Club.

Mars travel…rings of Saturn…multiverse…time travel…cannibalistic Milky Way Galaxy…holographic universe… water on Mars…humans in orbit…Jupiter the gas giant…Luminet Asteroid…wormholes in the universe…Star TOI-178/ water on Mars…humans in orbit…Jupiter the gas giant…how life on Earth is connected to what is outside Earth...write about one of the subjects in the “We Are Stardust” book…

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Now Closed - Postcard Poetry Anthology Submissions for poems (and articles)
SUMMARY of this contest:  Find a picture postcard (no larger than 4.25” x 6”) that inspires you to write, ideally one printed before 1924 or without a copyright (©) notice. (items published before 1926 are in the public domain and can be reproduced without obtaining permission.)
(HINT: If you are stuck on finding a postcard, take a photo you took and make your own postcard.)  Write a poem that will fit on the postcard, in no smaller than 10 point type if using a computer...
 In celebration of National Poetry Month and beyond, we sponsored seven poetry contests from April through December.  Winners of past contests are noted on our "Poems" page, along with links to the poems and author bios.  See below for general contest info.
NOTE: All of our contests are open only to residents of the U.S.A. with a valid U.S. mailing address, but unless stated otherwise, entry is by email. 
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For all contests, please include your U.S. mailing address, email address, and any other helpful contact info, and if you are new to our contests let us know how you heard about the contest(s). Thanks!
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2019 Student Poetry Contest  

Our first contest winners (from 41 entries) were announced at the Peterborough Book Fair on May 12th. Judges Sebastian Lockwood (local poet, storyteller, and audiobook narrator} and Leslie Orsini (retired English teacher and journalist) chose "My Unicorn" by Alexandra LaChance of the Pierce Elementary School as the winner of the elementary school entries, and "Bike" by Charlotte Lee of the Francestown Elementary School as the runner-up. Alexandra and Charlotte both read their poems to the Book Fair audience after the 1:00 p.m. announcement.

Ashley Hardwick was just a bit proud as you might be able to tell from her reaction to her daughter Alexandra being chosen the winner: The proud winner of all elementary school entrants in the Peterborough Poetry Project Poetry Contest! And to top it off she bravely read her winning poem aloud to the whole book fair on a mic! Best Mother’s Day Present ever!

Aviva Jeffrey of The Well School wrote the winning middle school poem, "Stage Lights," and Lucy Jackson of The Mountain Shadows School wrote the runner-up poem, "Sunrises."

Congratulations to Alexandra, Charlotte, Aviva, and Lucy! See all four poems below:

My Unicorn (by Alexandra LaChance)     

My unicorn with its silver horn
Glitters in the night under the moonlight
While I sleep she stays beside me, until the sun rises
I awaken and smell some bacon, to school I go and she won’t be taken

BIKE (by Charlotte Lee)

Bring out your bikes spring is here!
In, out, up down riding bikes around the town
Kites, hikes or bring out bikes.
Even though it is still cold out there ride your bikes everywhere

STAGE LIGHTS (by Aviva Jeffrey)

Whether they think I’m talented, or they think I don’t belong,
I’ll never be able to tell as I express my song.
So it doesn’t matter what they think because I cannot see
It only matters what I think because I am set free.

SUNRISES (by Lucy Jackson)

Hues of pink, and orange
Silhouetting earth’s beauty,
Like a cake baking.