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NEW CALL for submissions:  Write a short personal article (no more than 200 words) about your experience(s) with postcards (looking at, sending, receiving them) for possible inclusion in our Spring anthology about postcard poetry. We will accept several articles at author's choice of $25 - or $10 and a contributor’s copy of the publication. Email me through contact form or to peterboroughpoetry(AT)gmail.com with your submission. Include both email and mailing address. 
POSTCARDS for Sale: $10 for 10, or 20 for $18. Choose one or more from the 4 images below and mail your check to Peterborough Poetry Project at PO Box 247, Peterborough NH 03458.

New Books from Peterborough:  "Day after Day in Quarantine," a chapbook anthology that we just published. See our "Books" page. Also, coming soon: two new books published by Monadnock Underground of Peterborough, NH.
Reader Rewards -  Congratulations to Carol Amato of Jamaica Plain, MA, our first winner of our next publication, "Day After Day in Quarantine." The next round begins now: give us your feedback on any of our books (see "Books" page) by November 30th.
Reader Rewards details:
Help us keep poetry alive and vibrant -  let us know which poem you liked best in any or all of our three books: “On and Off the Road: Poems of NH, ” “Out of  Darkness,”  and "you, genesis" (first book of poems by Rachel Sturges). Don’t have any of these books? - see below.*
  To be eligible to win a free copy of our next chapbook anthology tentatively titled “Day After Day in Quarantine”, mail a postcard or letter (to PPP-RCR/PO Box 247/Peterborough NH 03458) that includes:
Poem title of your favorite poem (choosing a poem in each book counts as separate entries),
- Your name, U.S. mailing address, and email address.

We will enter your name in a drawing for a free book.  Poets with a poem in our first book cannot vote for their own poems.  
*It’s not too late to buy a copy of our published books. See our “Books” page to order.  ALTERNATE ENTRY for a free book: on our “Books” page, page down below the photo of the "Out of Darkness" book cover, click on the link for five poems from the book, read the 5 poems excerpted from “Out of Darkness” - and tell us your favorite poem by mail as noted above.
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See below for the "COVID Spring" announcement:

“COVID Spring,” a poetry anthology in a beautifully designed book by Hobblebush Press and edited by NH Poet Laureate, Alexandria Peary, is now available directly from the publisher (hobblebush.com) or at the Toadstool Bookshops. Six of the 54 poets with poems in the anthology also have poems in our own anthology, “On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire,” still available in limited quantities (see our “Books” page for how to order.)
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- - See Contests page for new Postcard Poetry submissions info. 

- - Check out our Peterborough Poetry Project-sponsored MAIL ACROSS AMERICA campaign to enhance personal communication by mail and help bolster the U.S. Postal Service. More info at mailacrossamerica.com .  Mail poems on postcards to family and friends and more.
~ Friends and fellow poets sent us dozens of poems by mail, starting near the end of April.  We are still exchanging poems months later! What a great way to share your poems while supporting the Postal Service. Let's all join in. 
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Liz Simmons of Low Lily is raising funds for  her new solo album (Poets)!

Help her out at:  bit.ly/LizSimmonsPoets

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"Poems of New Hampshire" Poetry Contest - now closed. Thanks to all the entrants, many fine poems were submitted. Prize winners have been announced; see our "Poems" page.

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- - Folk Music is like poetry in motion. The Peterborough Folk Music Society is alive and well and sponsoring virtual music concerts.  Visit pfmsconcerts.org for info on their 2020 and 2021 performances. 

- - Check it out: see poetry contests at the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry.

- - More book fairs, shows, sales, at http://www.booksalefinder.com and at