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Possibly a Fall 2022 followup to our second successful book fair, "Monadnock Literary Buzz" - a Multiple Author Book Signing Event on September 25th, following up on our Peterborough Book Fair in the Spring of 2019.  Stay tuned for "MLB - 2" in the Fall of 2022.  

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Recently, scientists determined that Earth is 2000 light years closer to a supermassive black hole in our own galaxy than previously thought. 
Now available:  "We Are Stardust" -- the first book in our Cosmic Poetry series - about the universe in verse.
   Readers will encounter poems about Earth "moving" towards our galaxy's black hole, the tale of Galaxy CQ 4479, neutrinos, the theory of the wraparound universe, how to use “poetic license,” and much more information about the cosmos in our new book: “We Are Stardust: the universe in verse.”  J
"We Are Stardust" offers readers of all ages:

  • Fun and informative poetry
  • Cosmological information, including recent discoveries
  • NASA images and photos and other illustrations
  • Three pages of internet and print resources on writing and the cosmos
  • Encouragement to write their own poems about the universe for possible inclusion in a second edition of the book.  See page 49 of the book. Also, see our "Contests" page on this website.

POSTCARDS for Sale: $10 for 10, or 20 for $18. Choose one or more from the 4 images below and mail your check to Peterborough Poetry Project at PO Box 247, Peterborough NH 03458.

Books:  See our "Books" page for all of our books. 
~ Friends and fellow poets have been sending us dozens of poems by mail since April of 2020! What a great way to share your poems while supporting the Postal Service. Let's all join in. 
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- - Folk Music is like poetry in motion. The Peterborough Folk Music Society is alive and well and will be sponsoring live music concerts later in 2022.  Visit pfmsconcerts.org for info on their sponsorship of 2022 performances. 

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